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Qi, pronounce “chee”, is best correlated with energy, and has both internal and external manifestations. These include flesh, blood, nerve impulses, thought, and emotion as well as outside factors within the environment. Internally, your Qi is like a river. Just as water chooses the path of least resistance when flowing through the landscape, qi will do the same within the body. Qi will flow throughout the body, following its natural curves and contours between bone and muscle and between the muscles themselves, collecting within depressions. These “Collections” of qi are places where the energy is more accessible and therefore are also where acupuncture points can be found. When qi flows unobstructed, the systems in the body are more easily balanced and wellbeing tends towards sustainability.

Got Qi?

Your practitioner can access your qi with very fine, hair-like acupuncture needles, these needles are what is referred to as single-use, sterile needles. This means they are packaged under sterile conditions, and only used one time before being disposed of in a sharp’s container. The needles are so thin, that 25 acupuncture needles can fit INSIDE one hypodermic needle, which is the type of needle most people are familiar with for injections and lab work. 

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